Loving Coffee

Everyone has a reason for loving food and drink. I'm here to share my passion for coffee.

I love coffee. Everything about coffee evokes a positive response. The taste, the smell, the uniqueness of each roast, that little jitter you get from a good strong cup. I enjoy it completely.

I once was a purveyor of Starbucks' swill, because I believed it was good coffee. Now though, I find that they over-extract almost every brew, and all but their blonde roast is too dark for my flavor preferences. So maybe I just liked their incredibly high caffeine content...?

5 years ago for Christmas, my lovely wife got me a French Press. It was a Bodum 8 cup in Gold. A monument to excellent coffee, individuality, and frugality all at the same time. I quickly realized that I could make better coffee at home using Starbucks' beans pre-ground in my $25 press, and it was saving me money every day. I had a problem though: my quality was very inconsistent. I could not make the SAME cup EVERY TIME. It was infuriating, and embarrassing when I would make coffee for guests.  This is where the engineer in me awoke. I realized this is a process with inputs I could control, and it was a fairly simple process with only one output: coffee. I realized that minute control over those inputs could drastically increase the quality of the output, and allow me to repeat that quality over and over, each time. This is why some people prefer a machine, but the machines you can control the way I want are prohibitively expensive. So my new quest became to control these inputs manually, for basically minimal cost. The benefit would be cost savings, simple equipment, and a focus on great coffee.

Basic Brewed Coffee Inputs: Water, Grounds, Filter, Brewer, Cup

The quality and spec of each of these inputs enhances the coffee produced, and therefore, finer control of each variable leads to higher quality, and increased repeatability. This was critical for me. Repeatable high-quality results. As with most things, I became fascinated with closely controlling these variables and creating a process that could be followed exactly to achieve excellent results. So that's what I did.

Part of my love for coffee is my love for control over the process, and the ability to make incremental improvement. The accessibility of this process and the things required to make good coffee is attractive to me as well. I believe anyone can brew great coffee with minimal equipment. So get brewing, and be bold.

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