Immersion Brewing

Immersion brewing is a simple and low-tech way to make a great cup of coffee

Suddenly Immersion Brewing

I started my coffee journey with a Bodum French Press about 5 years ago. This method makes great coffee. It's different than perculated coffee in a few important ways. The acidity and sweetness of a pour over, like a V60, is incredible. While the body and flavor of the roast comes through with great clarity in an immersion brew. So this isn't the only way I make coffee, but it is much more beginner friendly, and without a lot of the difficulties and problems you can experience with a percolation brew.

What a Mess

My biggest motivation for moving away from a French Press for my immersion brewing is the mess. I'd often leave it on my counter and avoid cleaning it. So I probably am not using it to make a second cup that day, or maybe even the next, or the one after. I hate cleaning it...

The Solution

To solve my problem, which is really laziness, I have two options:

  1. Be less if
  2. Buy a Clever Dripper

So I bought a Clever Dripper (large size) from Amazon. Link posted at the bottom of the article if you're interested.

For about a week I've been playing with ratios, grind size, water temperature, and order of operations. I have been able to consistently produce a high quality brew that satisfies the 3 things I think coffee should have: bold flavor, great body, a nice finish.

My Recipe


Water kettle, coffee grinder, Clever Dripper, Clever Dripper filters, a spoon, your favorite mug. I use a Stagg electric kettle and a Baratza Encore for #1 and #2


~1:16 (22g coffee to 350g water)


Use good coffee. I can't emphasize this enough. This is the ONLY ingredient. Don't cheap out here. Coffee can be ground to a medium (on the finer side), similar to a V60. I actually use the same setting as my V60. On my Baratza that's a 14.


212°. Use filtered water, and get it to a full boil. Because we're essentially decanting the water before adding grounds, we'll lose quite a bit of heat.


  1. Bring water to a boil and grind the coffee.

  2. Add your filter and rinse the Clever with hot water. Pre-warming this whole thing will reduce the heat loss when we fill for the brew.

  3. Pour 350g of water into the clever THEN add the coffee and stir. Mix it up and make sure all the coffee is immersed. Don't leave any dry clumps.

  4. Set a 2 minute timer and let it steeeeeeep.

  5. After the 2 minutes is up, break up the crust on top with a gentle stir counter clock-wise, then back the other way.

  6. Let it sit for another 30-45 seconds.

  7. Set it on top of your favorite mug and let it drain. Now throw away the filter, rinse the Clever, and enjoy your amazing cup of coffee.

Final Remarks

I love this process and the flavor of the coffee, and I love how easy the cleanup is especially. It saves me a lot of time and still produces results much like a French Press. I hope you enjoy.

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