Rexburg Coffee Culture

Part of my blogging adventure is to find great coffee in unexpected places, so I thought I would start looking in Rexburg, Idaho. For those not indoctrinated, this is a very LDS-heavy area, because of the BYU-Idaho campus presence in town. LDS people aren't really supposed to drink coffee, and it's a fairly strong rule. So my attempts to find a great cup of coffee in an area nearly exclusively LDS were nearly fruitless. In the past, it was my experience that you're stuck with gas station or McDonald’s coffee, which is fine if you're in this just for the caffeine, but if that were the case, I'd rather have a RedBull. A great espresso?? Well …good espresso doesn’t necessarily exist in a place like this. Or does it?? I came looking to see what kind of culture has developed around the coffee bean in beautiful Rexburg, since I was last here. I found The Grind.

This portable coffee shop impressed me. A small mobile shop set up on a trailer in the parking lot of the GMC dealer at the North end of town. Farm towns sure do have their own vibe, don't they? The drip coffee was pleasant, and the shots they pulled me had good clarity and body. It’s clear by their menu that their specialty is milkshake/sugar drinks with espresso in them, much like Starbucks. They were a bit surprised when I wanted black Americano. However, I was pleased enough to come back each morning of my visit to start my day. If you’re in the area looking for a decent espresso drink, I recommend looking no further than The Grind.

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