Fellow Stagg

The Fellow Stagg is an excellent addition to your coffee making gear collection

Fellow: Who Even Are You?

Fellow Products, or maker of all things trendy for coffee. From cups to grinders, Fellow has something unique and fancy for you to enjoy. They also happen to make some damn good products.

Enter EKG

The Stagg EKG is available from Fellow, Amazon, and sometimes...even at Costco, where I got mine. It has a robust feature set, a stylistic appearance that will most likely stand out in your kitchen, and it's really nice to use. I have had the Stagg for about 4 months now. I use it 3 times a day, nearly every day, and it still heats water and functions exactly the same it did the day I got it. If it ever dies or stops working, I'll be buying another one.


Sleek appearance and upgrade options
Digital display
Wide temperature range (135-212F / 57-100C)
1200 watt heating element (Fast heating)
Super accurate temperature hold option (up to an hour)

Using the Stagg

What is there to say here? I mean it's an electric kettle.

The Stagg has a highly accurate PID to hold your water at or very near the selected temp.

The pour control is insane. Previously, I was using a $50 kettle from Target. That kettle has a large pour spout, and a smaller temperature range.


After upgrading to the Stagg, I have noticed a significant improvement in my pour over brews. They have much better extraction, probably due to the much even distribution of water. This improves the flavor, texture, and mouthfeel of my pour over cups significantly. It's surprising what makes a difference in manual coffee making, and pour control and accurate temperature clearly make a difference here. If you use immersion brewing only, like a French Press or Clever Dripper, you might not notice. However, me and my wife still prefer the Stagg for nearly every occassion, and I highly recommend picking one up if you are into manual coffee techniques.

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