Baratza Encore

Grinding your own coffee enhances the experience and your morning cup

Fresh Ground Coffee

Fresh ground coffee is one of the essential ways to get the best flavor from each cup


Buying pre-ground coffee or grinding at the store is limiting in a few ways:

  1. Reduces the possible brew methods/preparations (based on grind size)
  2. Removes the option to change grind size between preparations
  3. The coffee loses its fragrance and flavor very quickly

By grinding at home you remove these limitations, and it provides a really fresh cup of coffee each time (provided you're storing your beans properly). Beans still lose flavor and aroma when stored even whole, but it happens at much slower rate


I got mine used on eBay for $100. I'll link to the Baratza on Amazon where it's ~$140. It costs a bit more than OXO or some other brands, but I believe you get a great deal with the Baratza for a few reasons:

  1. It's a workhorse, and has been proven over many years by many people
  2. It's simple, and you can repair it yourself if something goes wrong
  3. You can upgrade the conical burrs
  4. It produces fantastically even coffee for most preparations right out of the box



The Baratza can produce a grind from very fine to very course for anything from mocca pot to cold-brew. I use it extensively for french press, V60, and Clever dripper preps, and it works great


It's a bit slow. This grinder is definitely not going to compete with more expensive grinders on speed. It also uses relatively high RPM to compensate for the less powerful motor


Speaking of high's fairly loud because of this. Definitely not as loud as some other grinders, but it's noisy enough in a quiet house early in the morning that I usually wait until the kids are up to make coffee, or I grind the night before (tisk tisk)


This is key for me. Making pour overs requires a semblence of consistency, to avoid channeling and fast flowing spots that reduce overall extraction. I would say this grinder punches above it's weight in this area, and I would say this is the primary reason to go with this grinder over something like the Sage or OXO.

Worth It?

Definitely. I would buy it again, and I recommend it to anyone making filter, pour over, french press, etc. It has its weaknesses, but for the price, it produces very consistent results for my pour over and french press brew methods. If I were looking to step up and get an espresso setup, the grinder would need to be my first upgrade on that path

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