Jonathan Kyle Tiritilli

Jonathan Kyle Tiritilli

Rexburg Coffee Culture

Part of my blogging adventure is to find great coffee in unexpected places, so I thought I would start looking in Rexburg, Idaho. For those not indoctrinated, this is a very LDS-heavy area, because of the BYU-Idaho campus presence in town. LDS people aren't really supposed to drink coffee, and

Baratza Encore

Grinding your own coffee enhances the experience and your morning cup

Trade Coffee Subscription

Coffee subscriptions are here to provide the all-to-familiar model for another one of my favorite things. But is it worth it?

Fellow Stagg

The Fellow Stagg is an excellent addition to your coffee making gear collection

Immersion Brewing

Immersion brewing is a simple and low-tech way to make a great cup of coffee

Pour Over

A fantastic method for the home barista to sharpen skills and palates, and maybe even surprise guests with a stunning cup of coffee

Loving Coffee

Everyone has a reason for loving food and drink. I'm here to share my passion for coffee.